Looking to pivot into tech from an adjacent field? Want to get off to a great start as a new leader? Reach out for a free consultation.

Navigate the hiring pitfalls in the tech industry

  • Are you realizing that your prior role didn’t set you up for your next chapter as much as you hoped?
  • Do you feel like you have the transferable skills, but you simply don't understand "the jargon" or the process?
  • Are you wishing there was a tech hiring version of StackOverflow, or even wondering if a secret society exists that you aren't invited to?

You have the intelligence, desire, and work ethic

You know you can be successful as a leader in tech. But, you aren’t sure how to find someone with the experience, skills, and understanding of the tech industry.

  • You don't have to "start over"
  • You don't have to be extroverted
  • You don't even have to buy nerd t-shirts (you don't have to toss the ones you own either)

How would it feel to be equally confident as both technical AND people leader?

Reach out for a free consultation so we can discuss your goals, whether coaching is a good fit, and how I can help you land that new job or help you build confidence & skillset as a people leader.

Brian coached me to a positive outcome for both promotion & compensation discussions. I can't thank him enough!

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The five common people leader mistakes that managers make

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